Tested and the reported bug is not a problem anymore.

BZ#2107583 `git review -s` broken with openssh 8.8

Shouldn't distroinfo and pymod2pkg also be added to the update?


Now git-review works again, thanks

BZ#2039224 git-review is broken with git 2.34+
User Icon tosky commented & provided feedback on clazy-1.6-4.fc32 3 years ago

It seems it doesn't horribly crash anymore (which happened also on a minimal dummy C file).

It fixes the issue with the kdelibs 4.x applications' systray icon not reacting correctly to clicks.


Thanks! The compatibility issue (see the bug) seems to be gone.

BZ#1722285 ssh-keygen does not generate PEM formatted keys
Test Case OpenSSH

It works both against a gerrit server which requires a version >=1.27 ( and a gerrit server which still works with older versions (

BZ#1722794 please update to 1.28.0

At least kmail, korganizer, akregator, kontact (and the related libraries) seems to be working.

It seems to be working.


Looks fine. KSudoku is able to create less standard games as well.

BZ#1716671 Most ksudoku games fail with "Unable to generate a puzzle of the chosen variant; please try another."

Tested with a few commands, including openstack server add floating ip, which was previously broken.


Tested most applications with no apparent regressions.


Tested a bunch of games, no regressions found - and there are no many changes in the games anyway.

Works for me (kontact, kmail, akregator, korganizer)

It seems to work as expected and I can re open konqueror after closing it.

BZ#1523082 konqueror does not start a second time

It looks like it works.

It does not seems to crash (as reported in the past) and installation/removal seems to work. The status of the packages installed/removed is not immediately refreshed but it does not look like a regression.

Sorry, human error, I tested with the wrong version of digikam (installed after testing the rest of the update, but without enabling the update). digikam-5.7.0-4.fc27 starts.

BZ#1527411 digikam 5.7.0 no longer starts after an upgrade of KF5

PIM stuff works, but digikam still does not start. Do I need a digikam update?

BZ#1527411 digikam 5.7.0 no longer starts after an upgrade of KF5