builds OS images without any issues


Working without issues with osbuild-composer for building images.

BZ#1898498 system upgrade blocked by python2-fedora (duplicate obsoletes)

"mbs-build local" does not work for me -

@gscrivano there is a BuildRequires on libpsl-devel in SPEC file. RPM then automatically generates runtime Requires based on the output of the linker. Thanks to this, it is not required to have explicit Requires on libpsl in the SPEC.

@hreindl BIND listens on RTNETLINK for information about new addresses and binds to them in case they are allowed by the configuration. Therefore there is no need to wait for If you have some specific issues, please file a Bug.

@hreindl This is inetntional, since BIND does not need to wait for the network to be fully set up. network.tagrget is passive unit and therefore it is not listed in the output of systemctl list-units. It is expected, that the network configuration management software will pull the target into the transaction. More info in

pion-net FTBFS on Fedora 24+, so this one will not be included. I'll look at the rest.

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This update has been unpushed.


bugzilla filtering on state work! thanks


works for me

unpushed due to Bug #1159643

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