Sorry, wrong URL.

perl-Math-BigRat-0.2618-1.fc35 is here:

It's worse: same story for perl-Math-BigRat-0.2618-1.fc35.noarch.rpm

Koji has it:

However, not pushed to any Fedora 35 repo.

@besser82: how was you able to test a uninstallable package?

What happened here?

This package is not installable, still no tests detected that?

Seems like perl-bignum-0.60-1.fc35.noarch needs perl-Math-BigInt-1.9998.25-1.fc35.noarch.rpm

The latter package is built in koji:

However, its not available any Fedora 35 repo.

Was it built in some freeze period such that automatic movement from koji to distro was switched off and maintainer forgot to create a pre release update?

Ok, thanks for heads up.

This update has been unpushed.


Works fine.

BZ#1748525 build of puppet for EPEL 8

Hmm, checking:

it seems like proj-6.3.1-2.fc32 is still the current version in testing, any idea why its not proj-6.3.1-3.fc32?

BZ#1805769 Upgrade path broken: F-31 -> F-32


BZ#1666778 CVE-2019-2420 CVE-2019-2434 CVE-2019-2436 CVE-2019-2455 CVE-2019-2481 CVE-2019-2482 CVE-2019-2486 CVE-2019-2494 CVE-2019-2495 CVE-2019-2502 CVE-2019-2503 CVE-2019-2507 CVE-2019-2510 CVE-2019-2528 ... community-mysql: various flaws [fedora-29]
BZ#1667907 community-mysql-8.0.14 is available

Please push to stable :-)

BZ#1336452 error messages during installation (texconfig not found ; follow up error: not found)
BZ#1593189 kickstart quit with "Non-fatal POSTIN scriptlet failure in rpm package tex-fonts-hebrew
BZ#1596118 Test Results:Fedora 29 Rawhide 20180623.n.1 Installation :fedora 29 dnf error:Non-fatal postin scriptlet failure in rpm package tex-fonts-hebrew
BZ#1631920 (DNF error in POSTIN scriptlet in rpm package tex-fonts-hebrew

Push to stable?






LGTM! Thanks!

BZ#1452651 CVE-2017-2295 puppet: Unsafe YAML deserialization

LGTM! Thanks!

BZ#1443673 Puppet agent fails in monkey_patches.rb and loading xmlrpc/client in F26
BZ#1440710 monkey_patches.rb:104:in `<class:SSLContext>': undefined method `<<' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
BZ#1452651 CVE-2017-2295 puppet: Unsafe YAML deserialization

Works fine.