The bug documents how a missing build dependency in the spec file caused a package rebuild to proceed when it should have aborted immediate. The package is now producing the error it should.

error: Failed build dependencies: liblerc-devel is needed by openjpeg2-2.5.0-5.fc38.x86_64

Hence, this fixes the bug and passes.

BZ#2240736 openjpeg2-2.5.0-3.fc38.src.rpm missing build dependency for liblerc-devel

Tested successfully. No errors.

BZ#2142476 pypolicyd-spf-2.9.3-1 missed requirement to python3-authres

Installs successfully and resolves the conflict.

BZ#2132035 F36FailsToInstall: pgadmin4

Works for me.

BZ#2031554 deluge-2.0.4 is available
BZ#2033075 deluge-2.0.5 is available

Error message, and required corrective action, much clearer. Adding kernel.task_delayacct=1 fixed it for me. For the record, there is also a "delayacct" kernel boot parameter. See:

BZ#2015808 CONFIG_TASK_DELAY_ACCT not enabled in kernel, cannot determine SWAPIN and IO %

Resolves 'broken pipe' issue.

BZ#1911038 kexec-tools causes 'Broken pipe' error msgs when rpm executes kernel-core posttrans to make dracut generate initramfs

Tested ok. No loss/breakage of functionality noticed.

BZ#1842056 mkvtoolnix-48.0.0 is available
BZ#1851593 libebml-1.4.0 is available
BZ#1851594 libmatroska-1.6.0 is available

Fixes tor. Works for me.

BZ#1368621 SELinux is preventing (tor) from 'mounton' accesses on the directory /run/tor.
BZ#1357395 Couple of SELinux alerts for Tor

Breaks VM from starting in virt-manager. Related bug: #1368745


Fixed 1366133 for me. Everything works again. I wasn't impacted by 1365124, so I don't know about that one.

BZ#1366133 dump update breaks -Q flag

Confirmed working from console with spamassassin.

BZ#1145575 Please build latest pyzor for EPEL 7