Thank you. Looks like some of the Fedora macros don't expand properly on sddm. Fixing.

Works for me. Thank You

BZ#2001034 EPEL 9: python3-devel should require pyproject-rpm-macros

If you can update epel-rpm-macros to then I'll say this is good.

Looks like there might be a typo in epel-rpm-macros somewhere

[root@cs9 ~]# rpm -Uvh epel-rpm-macros-9-1.noarch.rpm error: Failed dependencies: if is needed by epel-rpm-macros-9-1.noarch

Missing packages are being pushed to stable. Pushing this to stable as well.

Missing packages have been built, and are in this update -

I think this is ready now.

maliit-keyboard is taking longer than I'd hoped. Giving this some negative karma so it doesn't accidentally get pushed yet.

Needs maliit-keyboard Working on it.

maliit-keyboard also needs * qt5-qtfeedback * maliit-framework * anthy

This update has been unpushed.

Retiring package from EPEL7. Unpushing this update.

Installed. Works for me. Thank You

Works for me.

Tests show that all packages isntall on centos8-stream

It installs on CentOS Stream 8 as well. :)

Ya! It installs on my CentOS Stream 9


Installs for me. Passes all my tests, as well as general work that I doing. Looks good.


Installs correctly on RHEL8. Works for me, on RHEL8.

BZ#1930221 [EPEL8] Please build waiverdb for EPEL8

Works for me.

This update has been unpushed.


Too long in testing.