Installs and works correctly. Thank You

BZ#2031849 Please branch and build scons in epel9

I am able to install it, and use it on my CentOS Stream 9 machine. Thank You

BZ#2030046 Please branch and build fdupes in epel9

Installs and works for my use cases. Thank You

BZ#2029516 Please branch and build perl-Any-URI-Escape in epel9

I am able to install and use these on a CentOS Stream 9 machine. Thank You

BZ#2029984 Please branch and build libchewing in epel9

This isn't the whole KDE Plasma Desktop, it's only those that are done as of 2021-12-06. (65 out of 380) I thought I'd try releasing what I had for the day vs saving everything until the end. I guess I need to send an email about my plans.


Installs and works for my purposes. Thank you.

BZ#2029562 Please branch and build qrencode in epel9

Installs. The repo's work. The macros work. Looks Good To Me

Revert back. This did not remove dependency on Fedora wallpaper

Thank you. Looks like some of the Fedora macros don't expand properly on sddm. Fixing.

Works for me. Thank You

BZ#2001034 EPEL 9: python3-devel should require pyproject-rpm-macros

If you can update epel-rpm-macros to then I'll say this is good.

Looks like there might be a typo in epel-rpm-macros somewhere

[root@cs9 ~]# rpm -Uvh epel-rpm-macros-9-1.noarch.rpm error: Failed dependencies: if is needed by epel-rpm-macros-9-1.noarch

Missing packages are being pushed to stable. Pushing this to stable as well.

Missing packages have been built, and are in this update -

I think this is ready now.

maliit-keyboard is taking longer than I'd hoped. Giving this some negative karma so it doesn't accidentally get pushed yet.

Needs maliit-keyboard Working on it.

maliit-keyboard also needs * qt5-qtfeedback * maliit-framework * anthy

This update has been unpushed.

Retiring package from EPEL7. Unpushing this update.

Installed. Works for me. Thank You

Works for me.