+1 works at expected

Test Case USB fmw

FMW on f36 works as expected. All functions, downloading, writing to flashdrive, recovery and everything else works

Test Case USB fmw

DtD works. Can move it side to side and the custom functions works as expected.

fixes both the bugs

BZ#2079344 A new album looks empty until app restart
BZ#2081291 album picker duplicates fields, preventing photo organization

Fixes the GTK4 issue without any apparent regressions

BZ#2071228 Various GTK4 apps can trigger Gtk-CRITICAL "gtk_widget_measure: assertion 'for_size >= -1' failed" error in various circumstances

I am able to add Google account during GIS. This fixes the Bug

BZ#2071259 gnome-initial-setup hangs when I try to setup a google/microsoft online account

The update fixes the BZ 2071343

BZ#2071343 [tr_TR] curl: (35) error:03000072:digital envelope routines::decode error with LANG=tr_TR.utf8

Fixes the bug for the time being. The fix hides the layouts and rest works as expected.

BZ#2076596 The KDE ibus panel does not work as expected.

works as expected

BZ#2074121 Enabling "Fedora Flathub Selection" repo doesn't show included apps in gnome-software until re-login

All looks good, the bugs is fixed and no other regression is noted

BZ#2076390 Ctrl/Alt modifiers often stuck after pressing Alt+Tab or Ctrl+Alt+Tab and then scrolling/clicking

works as expected

BZ#2068470 online accounts: can't disable sync on items

Tested on the latest live image and it works as expected, after this update is installed. Note that the 13th live images still don't have the patch in it

BZ#2057563 The About button sends Discover into loop and the application stops responding.

works for me

BZ#2069451 No logo on default background in dark mode

Fixes the bug. Creates and enters F34 containers and F35 as well!

BZ#1995439 /usr/bin/toolbox linked against glibc-2.34 doesn't run on older glibc

I am able to boot into basic graphics mode. tested with Final RC Live 1.2

BZ#2016310 The KDE LiveCD 35 RC does not boot in basic graphics mode.

fixes the current bug

BZ#2015972 systemd-vconsole-setup.service fails on an arabic system

works for me!