Please file a bug at for the startup crashes. I'll also fire 90.0.1 builds when I have fixed rawhide build issues.

@adamwill you're hitting We may need to disable Wayland on KDE until it's fixed there.

Please also give karma to (nss update) which is needed for this Firefox update.

Adam, the wayland backend is enabled only when Wayland session is active. KDE does not use Wayland session on Fedora 32/33 so X11 under KDE may be used here. I suspect you see WebRender bugs as WebRender is enabled by default on KDE too. You can set gfx.webrender.force-disabled to false at about:config to force disable WebRender.

Can you please file a bug at bugzilla about the failures and attach a screenshots there? Thanks.

Yes, but -5 contains a minor change which is not important for most users and it's here for OpenQA.

I added dbus-glib as a dependency to firefox-85.0-5

Let's track this as as update system isn't suitable for it.