Has this update been forgotten?

BZ#1486509 wireshark-2.4.1 is available

As far as I can tell is fixed. That one drove me nuts because Wireshark ignored capture filters when one of the duplicated interfaces was selected

I give up if nobody is interested on updates for EL7. I've retired the package now.

Please note that bug reports for obsolete SIPE versions like 1.20.1 will be ignored by the project.

BZ#1270322 Review Request: chromium - A WebKit (Blink) powered web browser
BZ#1270322 Review Request: chromium - A WebKit (Blink) powered web browser

Definitely no +1 karma from me


REGRESSION: pam-kwallet stops working, i.e. kwallet asks for password after session login. Booting to 4.4.9-301 fixes the issue.

I was surprised that Nvidia blob works with 4.5.x on F23, because it didn't on F24 Beta, i.e. xinit causes a pretty hard system hang.

In general works much better than 5.5.x.

Improvement over 5.5.x/5.6.2: taskbar now recognizes and groups Emacs windows correctly

Regression after 5.5.x: LegacySession is not restored at login. I.e. I have to start Firefox by hand.

x86_64 RPM: "About SIPE plugin..." now shows

SIPE 1.21.0 (GSSAPI / Voice & Video / SRTP / Lync FT)

which means the mis-configuration is gone, i.e. audio & video calls should be possible again.

BZ#1333438 1.21.0-1.fc23 lost ability to make calls and video

In general I didn't notice any issues. Qt/Plasma5.6 seem to be able to handle output changes much better than 5.5, which is a real improvement.

I use the session setting "Restore manually saved session". All programs that are listed in the LegacySession section of .config/ksmserverrc (Firefox, Thunderbird) are not restored on login . All programs in the Session section (konsole, pidgin, ...) are restored correctly. I even tried to re-save the session and login again: no change.

BZ#1317609 krb5 1.14.1 ate my gss-ntlmssp.
BZ#1317609 krb5 1.14.1 ate my gss-ntlmssp.

user crontab works again for me

BZ#1298192 BUG: SELinux conditional policies are ignored for userspace object managers

My use cases work without problems

BZ#1298908 calibre-v2.49.0 is available

Sorry, looks like this is caused by new kernel, see #1298192

BZ#1284173 logrotate not working for rsyslog

crontab load failure probably caused by this:

# restorecon -Rv /var/spool/cron/
restorecon:  Warning no default label for /var/spool/cron/stefanb

Regression: user crontab can't be loaded anymore

# journalctl -b --no-pager -t crond
-- Logs begin at Fri 2013-06-21 21:44:39 EEST, end at Mon 2016-01-18 09:01:01 EET. --
Jan 16 11:06:43 baraddur crond[1213]: (CRON) INFO (RANDOM_DELAY will be scaled with factor 91% if used.)
Jan 16 11:06:44 baraddur crond[1213]: (stefanb) Unauthorized SELinux context=unconfined_u:unconfined_r:unconfined_t:s0-s0:c0.c1023 file_context=unconfined_u:object_r:user_cron_spool_t:s0 (/var/spool/cron/stefanb)
Jan 16 11:06:44 baraddur crond[1213]: (stefanb) FAILED (loading cron table)
Jan 16 11:06:44 baraddur crond[1213]: (CRON) INFO (running with inotify support)

Retracting all my previous positive karma

BZ#1284173 logrotate not working for rsyslog

logrotate still can't send HUP signal to rsyslog

BZ#1284173 logrotate not working for rsyslog

Window updates are broken. Happens even when compositor is disabled.

In my case "konsole" window updates are sporadic (you have to click outside and/or inside the konsole windows to get it updated). As far as I can tell the problems start when I switch the laptop from the initial one-screen screen setup to the two-screen setup. This is quite disconcerting because you can't trust konsole output any more if only the lowest 2-3 lines are updated by default.

I have to use Nvidia blob on the test system, but in IRC channel others with OS drivers have reported similar problems

The plasma-workspace -2 build seems to fix issues with plasmashell & kscreenlock, but the problems with konsole persists. Maybe a newer konsole5 than 15.08.3 is required for 5.5.0?