Seems to be fine, no noticeable problems. AMD Ryzen, Nvidia 2060 proprietary, latest kernel, xWayland.

No noticeable problems.

Possible issue on resume where mouse and keyboard need to be unplugged then re-plugged to get them working again. Currently, not diagnosed further.

Nvidia official proprietary drivers are still an issue with building kmods for the current kernels.


Proprietary official Nvidia driver kernel mod installs manually again (better than 5.6.11) but still broken with automatic for me (worse than 5.5.17).

At this point its better than the current release kernel lol.

Nvidia dkms kernel mod refuses to build with this kernel. 5.6.10 works fine.

" it's probably some bug in the launcher or WoW.exe."

While its not the place for Wine or Wow problems, yes the recent update to Wow has caused a problem. You need a newer version of Wine to fix this. It is NOT kernel related.

Some technical troubleshooting shows that this boots for me when using Nouveau. The proprietary Nvidia Vulkan kernel mod is failing to complete on anything 5.6.6+. I have Fedora Vanilla kernel 5.7.0 installed right now and it has the same problem.

To work around the issue with current kernels, one must uninstall Nvidia proprietary and de-blacklist Nouveau for it to boot.

It can be done when stuck at boot of this kernel by pressing ALT-F2 then using "$ sudo bash < file> --uninstall". Then "$ reboot" and pressing e to edit the kernel line to remove the blacklist.

I don't know if this should be considered a kernel regression or if the kernel devs are making Nvidia fix it or what is going on there. And also have yet to look up anything. Just posting this as a note.

Nvidia Vulkan proprietary is broken here. Thank you.

So it might be hanging on "init script for live image" whatever that is since its not a live usb or being installed from live image. A search for me just shows 2011 stuff that I didn't bother to look at currently.

One of those days lol. Did nothing and later it just showed up.

Still won't boot same as 5.6.6. AMD Ryzen, Nvidia.

For whatever reason, can't get these installed. Enabling singular or full testing still shows dnf wanting to install 5.6.6 instead. This is a production system so I won't risk quickly losing two working kernels trying to figure out why.

Downloading the rpm's seems to have some sort of dependency conflict for me as well that I haven't seen before.

Pointing that out since 5.6.6 won't boot so I can't test this one.

Won't boot. Same as what happened with 5.5.13 and fixed with 5.5.15 lol :-(

Nice, thanks to whoever fixed the boot problem originating with 5.5.13 :D

Not yet tested otherwise, but since it boots, am expecting it to work the same as 5.5.10 for me (so far it does).


Fails to boot. AMD Ryzen, ASUS b350m pro vdh.

It does appear to have solved the suspend and restart problems that started with 5.1.20.

BZ#1737046 [bisected] 5.1.20-300.fc30 regression: no wakeup from suspend to RAM (also present in 5.2.5-200.fc30 testing and vanilla 5.3-rc2)

See you already just posted one too ;-)

suspend to RAM fails and spams the log with pcieconf receiving Spurious native PME interrupts (last working in 5.1.19-300.fc30; 5.1.20-300.fc30 also regressed, but in a different way)

I added in a bug report to Red hat on this. If you have anything new to add, you are welcome to (and it looks like you might because I have only tested against what I know repro's the problem)

Sorry no. Still suspend and restart issues. desktop Ryzen & Nvida (Negativo17 driver) - last good kernel 5.1.19

Also speeds up mouse (intentional or not) and has a reboot issue. Fedora desktop Ryzen with Nvidia gpu.

Still has suspend issues. 5.1.19 is last known good kernel without problems.