I have tested this update and it does what is needed.

BZ#1944411 uboot-tools-2021.04 is available
BZ#1946278 latest uboot fails to load the dtb
BZ#1947634 Missing dependency on xz
BZ#1951694 boot hangs with usb keyboard plugged in

The only other fix I can see with this would be to make a cmake module which would allow for this replacement.


This package conflicts with provided ./rhel-8-for-x86_64-appstream-rpms/Packages/c/cmake-3.11.4-3.el8.x86_64.rpm which provides cmake3 and contains the packages

/usr/bin/ccmake3 /usr/bin/cmake3 /usr/bin/cpack3 /usr/bin/ctest3 /usr/lib/.build-id

The only way I can see this being allowed in EPEL would be for the EPEL cmake3 package being called cmake3.17 and not conflicting with the above files.


Works for me and was able to find and pull in 'soft' deps if wanted.

BZ#1744975 Please build ansible for EPEL 8

I tested install and upgrade

BZ#1733190 Review Request: python34-setuptools - Easily build and distribute Python 3.4 packages
BZ#1733193 Review Request: python2-wheel - A built-package format for Python
BZ#1737028 Review Request: python-pip-epel - A tool for installing and managing Python packages
BZ#1696661 Dependency problem with python34-xapps-overrides

Tested items.

BZ#1667261 Please update to the latest version and enable anitya's update notifications
BZ#1667468 youtube-dl-2019.01.24 is available
BZ#1669880 youtube-dl-2019.01.30 is available
BZ#1670567 Could not find JS function 'encodeURIComponent' -- already fixed upstream
BZ#1690942 Review Request: python3-rpm - Python 3 bindings for apps which will manipulate RPM packages
BZ#1687196 python36 with /usr/bin/python3 fail to update python34 with /usr/bin/python3

So it could be that it was fixed already but they were listed as being fixed in 4.4.2 so I included them as that was what sites were asking for.


Installed and tested.


Have tested this on 2 systems.

Can you do a audit2allow -v or similar to see why it needs that? I can't replicate on my 6 systems at the moment.

OK I found a bug in various things but 4.3.4-4 works on service nagios start/stop without selinux problems.

@devhen OK time to see what is different between the systems. Does one have selinux running and the other one does not? Does one have the nagios_epel6 selinux policy and the other one does not?


Tested on two systems. Both work after update

BZ#1451212 epel.repo: mirrorlist instead of metalink

What I did to test in the end was to create a small virtual machine and install the packages from the existing setup. I then copied over /etc/nagios. I updated to the newest nagios and ran a nagios -v /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg to see what broke. For our setup we had customized things in a way which 'worked' in previous versions but didn't in the new version. I fixed those up and then edited my nagios.cfg differences into the nagios.cfg.rpmnew so I got the additional configs that the new version wanted.


Unable to install and it is causing updates to 'fail' wthout a skip-broken.