Since the previous update doesn't run with selinux, I will use my power to push to stable sooner.

Works on F26 using python3. Breaks on EPEL and f25 which default to python2.

BZ#1468045 acme-tiny needs patch for change in openssl output
BZ#1409686 python3 incompatibility with --chain argument patch

Cool! Now I can actually use it again! (GUI is now responsive again)

BZ#1448623 GUI broken & Error with RPM Script

This fixes the kernel oops for iwl3495 after suspend that was introduced with kernel-4.9.7-101.


A little late, but this update break the iwl3945 Intel wifi driver module. It ceases to function, with kernel oops, after suspend/resume. Removing and reloading the module restores operation. (Or rebooting, of course.) I can't report the oops because another bug (intel video driver) taints the kernel at boot.

Will try the new testing kernel.


Fixes bz#1418112

Fixed my issue and no regressions noticed.

BZ#1345901 mouse events go to cinnamon panel while in full screen mode

my screen brightness bug still isn't fixed, but otherwise seems solid.


A mysterious batman-adv problem went away upgrading from 4.8.11->4.8.12.


Ok, I didn't understand which feedback to make negative. It looks like I should have dissed "generally functional".

kernel-4.8.4 was totally non-functional (at least Xorg was non-functional), with the same problem only more severe. I'm going to try dissing again - not sure what bodhi will do with that. I don't want to delay the important fixes, but there is plenty of positive karma.


Boot time is significantly longer, with a new kernel oops. This appears on console: drm:drm_atomic_helper_commit_cleanup_done [drm_kms_helper]] ERROR [CRTC:26:pipe A] flip_done timed out

Apparently once each time a new Xorg or equivalent is started. Probably related to bz#1342755 I'll be uploading the full oops there.

Certs renew, but httpd and other services don't notice. Docs need to suggest incron or something to reload services.

Adjusted the renew window, and certs renewed as promised. Apache does not notice, so incron needs to reload httpd. Or something. In any case, the certs get updated, so I'm pushing to stable, and will file a feature bug.

Cron, I mean. :-)

I want to see a cert actually renew through systemd timer.

I want to see a cert actually renew through cron. 'Cause sometimes these things surprise you. Although I suppose I can just push another release if it somehow doesn't work.


The dirtycow exploit was taking too long on previous kernels, so the fact that it still doesn't work on this kernel doesn't mean much. I think my system may be too slow.

The Capability list also applies to ExecStartPre, which is now not able to load the tun module when it is not already loaded. Will need to find which Capability is needed to load modules.

Much better. I still need to issue "power on" from bluetoothctl when inserting a USB bluetooth dongle, but once that is done the audio works.

BZ#1342757 Connected bluetooth audio fails to show up in

Updates and reboots without issue on F22 i686.

BZ#1330212 cjdns fails to create tun device at boot