To make karma correct

previous entry is wrong install worked

negative and positive check marks are confusing to a nubie

I tested in f23 QEMU/kvm with Fedora-KDE-Live-x86_64-24_Alpha-7.iso

dnf update *.rpm in /Downloads

liveinst worked and did a working install

works for Fedora-Live-SoaS-x86_64-23-TC11.iso installed to bare metal

BZ#1272646 gnome-keyring prevents the graphical login into a mate session

USB boots and installs to HD for me as liveusb-creator (cp) bios boot Fedora-Live-KDE-x86_64-23-TC11.iso

BZ#1264012 liveusb-creator doesn't create bootable Live i686 image in default cp mode

worked f22 workstation (fully updated) > f23 in f23 virt-manager

works for me in f23 SoaS live tc-4 x86_64

BZ#1240147 SugarExt can not be loaded properly, blocking Sugar startup

fixed LUC in Version 3.16.2 window is presented normally


in f22 Plasma RC-3 logged into cinnamon after apper update of .rpm works and sees cinnamon

worked well in RC-2 f22 lives and netinstall


tested workstation x86 RC-2 live install and netinstall. installed thunderbird and xchat with gnome-software sucessfully

tested yumex-dnf after update in VMM worked and did groups install of sugar-desktop


works for me in VirtualBox


wget in f22 KDE after fedup of f21 after reboot got software update in software settings extra items

Konqueror looks up sugarlabs in google KDE f22 RC2 x86_64 install to HD

I have been using this version in testing Seems to work well

tested f22 TC6 and installs worked