Works normally and doesn't crash on exit.

BZ#1689940 [abrt] hexchat: fatal_error(): hexchat killed by SIGABRT
karma (filed against rubygem-fog) (filed against ruby, the source package for rubygem-irb)

I filed the second bug. I'd mark it as a dupe, but am not sure about the package.

This version of Firefox does not have a titlebar in GNOME (though it does in MATE, Plasma, and Cinnamon). I'm pretty sure FF65 had a titlebar in GNOME. Is this expected?

Sorry for the noise, didn't realize bodhi wasn't enabled for F30 yet.

Please add the F30 mame build to Bodhi. (I noticed that it completed before the F28 build but has not been added yet.) Thanks.


Ran a full pass on an affected machine, no restart.

BZ#1598922 memtest86+ restarts after a few seconds on some machines (affects F28 and later)

Seems to work fine in conjunction with gnome-shell-extension-fedmsg.

BZ#1603951 fedmsg-notify: FTBFS in Fedora rawhide

Works fine in casual use.

I don't know what you're talking about (or to be more precise, I understand that kernel-tools is built separately from the main kernel package, and why, but don't see what that has to do with this). There IS a kernel-tools-4.18.15-200.fc28 update included (look under the Builds tab). The current stable version is kernel-tools-4.18.13-200.

The .6 update didn't include kernel-tools. Not sure if pushing this to stable will update that and leave the others alone.

Works fine in casual use.

BZ#1629661 mozilla-noscript- is available