BZ#1946869 mozilla-ublock-origin-1.35.0 is available
BZ#1928639 mozilla-noscript-11.2.4 is available
BZ#1920680 mozilla-noscript-11.2 is available

@micmor It needs the nss update from which just went stable a few hours ago, so your mirror apparently doesn't have it yet. Once it does, the update should work fine.

Sorry, I didn't realize it would be submitted for stable again, I thought it was frozen. Please put it on ice again if necessary.

FWIW, I've been running this since it was originally submitted for stable, and it works fine (with dbus-glib installed, I'm using GNOME and it's impossible to remove dbus-glib since it would remove the protected package gnome-shell).

If this goes stable, and -2 doesn't, what happens to the nss update that's only included with -2? Or does -2 get pushed to stable manually at the same time?

BZ#1918447 mozilla-ublock-origin-1.32.5b11 is available
BZ#1914007 mozilla-noscript-11.1.9 is available
BZ#1906206 mozilla-noscript-11.1.7 is available

@kparal: I think I've seen that in the last couple of stable kernels (unless I'm getting it confused with rawhide).

BZ#1895341 mozilla-noscript-11.1.5 is available

Access to #1895951 is restricted.

BZ#1885187 mozilla-noscript-11.1.4 is available

There are koji builds right now in progress for 81.0.1-9 which among other things are intended to fix #1886243, so this version will probably be obsoleted.

BZ#1877073 mozilla-noscript-11.0.46 is available

This package conflicts with f32-backgrounds-mate (not a major issue, but still).

Error: Transaction test error: file /usr/share/backgrounds/mate/default.xml from install of f32-backgrounds-mate-32.2.2-2.fc33.noarch conflicts with file from package f33-backgrounds-mate-33.0.4-1.fc33.noarch

BZ#1872445 conflict between MATE 33 wallpaper package dependencies

Seems functional, all the correct repos seem to be enabled, and I can install/remove the fedora-repos-rawhide* packages independently.

BZ#1878526 fedora-repos-modular-33-0.12 requires fedora-repos-rawhide

Please ignore my negative karma (see ), I can't reproduce the problem now. (I don't want to give a +1 yet since I haven't tested functionality, and I can't change karma to 0.)