BZ#2034966 mozilla-ublock-origin-1.40.8 is available

Never mind, I found an updated link to what are probably the same videos.

Test Case firefox browse
Test Case firefox media

The Theora format link at is dead, can someone find a good live replacement?

Test Case firefox browse

Bodhi apparently has a bug where having enough stable karma doesn't trigger a push to stable if it happens before the test gating status changes to 'passed', and to trigger it there has to be a comment with +1 karma after, a simple bump comment like this won't do it. (I believe if one of the people who already gave a +1 does it again, that will work.) Is this bug known?

BZ#2025622 mozilla-ublock-origin-1.39.2 is available

Thanks for update - works now in F35 without disabling extension version validation.

BZ#1957485 GNOME 42 compatibility (gnome-shell-extension-openweather)
BZ#2009380 mozilla-ublock-origin-1.38.6 is available
BZ#2005514 mozilla-ublock-origin-1.38.0 is available
BZ#1986697 mozilla-noscript-11.2.11 is available
BZ#1985343 mozilla-ublock-origin-1.37.0 is available
BZ#1985098 mozilla-noscript-11.2.10 is available

@baptu: It hasn't reached your updates-testing mirror yet, it should be there in a few hours.

BZ#1975551 mozilla-noscript-11.2.9 is available
BZ#1974010 mozilla-ublock-origin-1.36.0 is available
BZ#1954349 mozilla-ublock-origin-1.35.2 is available
BZ#1962394 mozilla-noscript-11.2.8 is available

Why does this not say, under DATES, "days to stable 1", similar to ? It has "Stable by Time" set, so it should. Is it a bodhi bug, or is there some other difference? The F33 crun update has the same issue. I'm guessing these will have to be pushed to stable manually if they don't get enough karma by 7 days.

BZ#1956505 mozilla-noscript-11.2.7 is available

Am now able to access settings, and extension runs without having to disable the extension version validation.

BZ#1929517 can't open Settings window (Invalid property: GtkWindow.window_position)
BZ#1957485 GNOME 42 compatibility (gnome-shell-extension-openweather)