@jelly : Sorry, ignore that link, you can just download it from stable now.

@jelly : #2239109 says it worked in 6.4.14, what about the current stable kernel 6.4.15? The signed packages are available from .

BZ#2224682 mozilla-ublock-origin-1.51.0 is available
BZ#2218301 mozilla-noscript-11.4.26 is available
BZ#2232541 Firefox 116.0.3 was released
Test Case firefox browse
Test Case firefox media

The 39 build just finished (to my surprise).

For the 116.0.3-1 Koji builds, the straggler is firefox-116.0.3-1.fc39, which will probably not finish for several days, if it ever does. The builds for 37, 38, and 40 finished promptly. Please put the finished builds for 37 and 38 in Bodhi (it looks like branched and rawhide builds are going to Bodhi automatically, anyway). Thanks.

I've noticed that when doing several firefox koji builds, there is always exactly one straggler which either never finishes, or finishes or fails several days later. This time it was firefox-116.0.2-1.fc37, which finished last night after 4 days. Often the build is out of date by then, though AFAIK 116.0.2 is still current, so it could be pushed now. Long term it would be nice to either fix whatever causes the one build to take so long, or at least restart it as soon as all the rest are finished.

Appears to be a VirtualBox bug, see . Unusual since building VirtualBox modules usually fails due to merge window changes.

The 6.4.4 Koji builds for F37 and F38 are running. The changelog shows a bunch of AMD fixes for 6.4.3 as well so maybe they all interact.

The fix is queued for 6.4.4 and I'm guessing that will be the next one in Bodhi. See .

BZ#2222258 Firefox 115.0.2 was released
Test Case firefox browse
Test Case firefox media