@adamwill came to the rescue and built 125.0.2 and created , so test and give karma there. No one else seems to have noticed it so far.

Normally firefox Bodhi updates say "After installing this update it is required that you logout of your current user session and log back in to ensure the changes supplied by this update are applied properly." (which I did, as usual). Has that changed?

I see, @xhorak grabbed the correct 125.0.2 koji builds for F38 and F39 which actually finished, and the old build for F40 since the new one didn't.

@stransky did do builds 2 days ago for 125.0.2 in koji with the exception of the one for F40 which failed, I'm guessing @xhorak grabbed the wrong ones.

I'm confused - the latest is 125.0.2, and this build is from April 4.

There is now a 125.0.2 upstream for a couple of days and it still says "We’re still preparing the notes for this release". There are koji builds from 2 days ago for all except F40 which failed.

I noticed that the line with times for sunrise, sunset, and time since last refresh is no longer visible, not sure if this was intentional. See .

Works again! Thanks. (Fixes my reported bug #2275997.)

BZ#2272273 mozilla-ublock-origin-1.57.0 is available
BZ#2256730 mozilla-ublock-origin-1.56.0 is available