BZ#1999499 [F36FTBFS]: gnulib fails to build from source in Fedora Rawhide
BZ#2045453 gnulib: FTBFS in Fedora rawhide/f36

Please drop the grub2 bug from your non-grub2 update.

BZ#2045456 grub2: FTBFS in Fedora rawhide/f36

This update has been unpushed.

I created both at once - neither should be security as far as I know, so I think probably some bits got messed up somewhere. Thanks for checking!

Installed IPA server. Kerberos manipulation appears to be working correctly.

Sure, but there's no point doing that until is stable, so you're going to have to wait.

Can you link to docs on how to do this correctly, or file actual bugs? The epel7+epel8 code doesn't work on epel6.


Worked for me on s390x server, thanks.

BZ#1741280 RFE: mosh: epel8 build request

Also please note that RHEL does not provide ABI (or even API) compat for libkadm5. We only provide compatability for krb5-libs.

Hi, krb5 maintainer here. The rubygem-rkerberos dependency discussion happened on

Please respond either here or in the bug, not both.

As I mentioned there, there is a separate ticket for KCM failures - because gssproxy is not responsible for KCM bugs.

Also -1ing the bug in question is just incorrect as I understand it, since the issue indicated is fixed by the patch (unless I applied it wrong, at which point please say so).

You... reviewed this patch upstream. You can either fix sssd now, or when the next ding-libs release happens, but waiting is just being a stick in the mud. Let's keep working together, please.

Please keep comments to the bugzilla you have filed. The changes are working as intended, and we will work to fix it over there, not in the comments of an update that was submitted to stable a day before you necro'd the comment thread.

krb5 test suite passes on ppc64le; no regressions noted. Thanks!

BZ#1465147 bash: segfault in do_redirection_internal on ppc64le
BZ#1458181 GSS-Proxy is not supported by this kernel