Showing the expected messages in journalctl -u zincati.service in a local dev build of FCOS.

Nov 27 18:24:36 coreos systemd[1]: Started Zincati Update Agent.
Nov 27 18:24:36 coreos zincati[1037]: [INFO ] starting update agent (zincati 0.0.6)
Nov 27 18:24:36 coreos zincati[1037]: [INFO ] Cincinnati service:
Nov 27 18:24:36 coreos zincati[1037]: [INFO ] agent running on node '1e748f22e30546cbad790067fe936471', in update group>
Nov 27 18:24:36 coreos zincati[1037]: [WARN ] initialization complete, auto-updates logic disabled by configuration
BZ#1759996 rust-zincati-0.0.6 is available

Tested, works in FCOS as expected.

Tested in a locally built Fedora CoreOS image - dracut module is installed to correct place.

BZ#1722882 rust-afterburn-4.1.1 is available

Revoking - build of higher version 0.16-2.fc28 was done. Reopening this with updated version number.

Works pulling and running containers with podman and this version of runc installed.

@jlebon, I think what might be happening is, if you are using coreos-assembler run, login is the mechanism displaying the MOTD. login will only look for /etc/motd by default, or a specified list of paths with MOTD_FILE (

Have been meaning to add the /etc/motd.d/console-login-helper-messages.motd path with this: (though this only solves it for coreos-assembler run).

console-login-helper-messages is relying on something to search /etc/motd.d and follow the symlink from /etc/motd.d/console-login-helper-messages.motd to /run/console-login-helper-messages/console-login-helper-messages.motd - sshd does this today. The generated MOTD should display after the steps you followed, if logging in using SSH.

Will make a note in the docs of the config required for login vs. it showing through sshd by default.