This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

Thanks! Will do

This update has been unpushed.

BTW I've already checked that it runs and loads/analyze /bin/ls, but maybe you know some trickier parts to check.

@lkundrak please let me know if this works well with cutter or whether we should update cutter as well.

@lkundrak I have modified the update to also include cutter-re recompiled for the new radare2 version. Hope I did everything right.

Sure, I'll help you co-maintain it, though I'm not a great cutter user :)

@lkundrak I wasn't aware cutter was finally packaged in Fedora! That's a great news, I will fix it, thanks for noticing.

Some questions: 1) what's the difference between cutter-re and cutter packages? 2) is the problem only in cutter-re package? 3) is cutter-re shipped in f30 only?


Thanks for testing! The endbr64 instruction is caused by an old version of capstone. A new stable version of capstone was recently released and it was packaged for fedora rawhide, so we should be able to fix this issue for Fedora 30.

BZ#1625276 Review Request: radare2 - The reverse engineering framework