No regressions noted.


Works for me on Intel Haswell platform (device 8087:07dc).


Works for me for auto-mounting NFS shares on LAN.

@sagitter Please remove all installed uBlock Origin versions, including the one in your home dir and try again.

@sagitter Obviously it works for me, did you quit firefox before installing and restart it twice afterwards?

Thanks for doing the update, but this fails a number of tests, including the most important ABI check. Have you verified that all dependent packages still work with this update and don't need rebuilding?

@robatino I'm not doing anything different than mozilla-https-everywhere package, so either the WebExtension version is somehow compatible with FF56 or you have a local copy of the add-on in your home directory.

@robatino, no, the XUL version is installed in SeaMonkey-specific folder. Firefox will "see" only the WebExtension version, so this works only with FF57+.


Works for me and fixes #1483272 for me.

That's not a bug in NoScript, that's a bug in Firefox and no reason to block this update. It looks like a case of bug #1508827 which I reported some time ago.

Works for me, thanks. It's affected by the Firefox bug like the other packaged add-ons, though.

BZ#1516067 mozilla-https-everywhere-2017.11.21 is available

@mastaiza This is what upstream released. The release notes above say, for example, that ClearClick and ABE are not yet implemented. That's not a reason to give -1 karma. Older version doesn't work with FF57 at all, so I'm not going to unpush this update just because some features are missing. It's better to have some features than none at all.

There seems to be a new dependency, python3-pyroute2 that is not mentioned either in this update release notes or in rpm changelog. It looks like this was added in but it's not mentioned anywhere else that I could find.


Works for me and the dependencies are fixed, thanks.

BZ#1499581 unexplained abrt-python/python3 dependency on python/python3-gobject pulls in cairo and 20+ graphical libraries

It seems to work fine and the double tray icon issue is gone. However, the on/off switch doesn't seem to work at all, but that's a separate bug.

BZ#1478751 Bluetooth tray icon appears twice when enabling it in settings
BZ#1511725 blueberry-1.1.18 is available

@emarci Yes, thanks for the reminder.

Breaks ABI compared to 0.99.6, please don't push without coordinating with all dependent packages.

Breaks ABI compared to 0.99.6, please don't push without coordinating with all dependent packages.

There's unannounced ABI breakage in this update:

$ abipkgdiff --d1 libfastjson-debuginfo-0.99.6-1.fc26.x86_64.rpm --d2 libfastjson-debuginfo-0.99.7-1.fc26.x86_64.rpm --devel1 libfastjson-devel-0.99.6-1.fc26.x86_64.rpm --devel2 libfastjson-devel-0.99.7-1.fc26.x86_64.rpm libfastjson-0.99.6-1.fc26.x86_64.rpm libfastjson-0.99.7-1.fc26.x86_64.rpm
================ changes of ''===============
  Functions changes summary: 3 Removed, 1 Changed (57 filtered out), 4 Added functions

There should be NO removed and NO changed items. Please test each update for ABI changes in the future.

FYI this breaks rsyslog compiled with 0.99.7 but running with 0.99.6 installed.


Doesn't start after upgrade:

# rsyslogd -n -d
rsyslogd: symbol lookup error: rsyslogd: undefined symbol: fjson_global_do_case_sensitive_comparison