F32 never had a Python 2 subpackage, so it doesn't need to be restored.

BZ#1858556 python2 subpackage removed in stable release

This needs to include all dependencies or it will conflict.

BZ#1836534 Please build libb2-0.98.1 for Fedora 31

Works to build Hugo.

This version is broken, and it breaks all emoji tests in hugo.

BZ#1805769 Upgrade path broken: F-31 -> F-32

3.2.1 is in testing now and should be available soon.

This does not fix a 32-bit mock shell.

BZ#1804415 'mock -r fedora-rawhide-i386 shell' fails

This update should have included golang-github-mmarkdown-mmark. However, Bodhi is buggy and won't allow adding an existing build to an update when it's in another update, even if unpushed, so there's not much to be done about that now.


As noted in the spec comments, the Obsoletes and Provides should be removed after Fedora 31. (Actually, I made a mistake, they should be there for 2 releases after the last possible existence of the old name, so they should be removed after Fedora 32.)

OK, I don't know how many R packages there are in EPEL8 as I don't build anything for it. If this seems to be working there, feel free to push.


This works now.

Also note that autopush got disabled from my earlier karma.

BZ#1727281 R-3.6.1 is available
BZ#1744723 R-devel requires R-rpm-macros