BZ#2055720 F34FailsToInstall: awscli
BZ#2055721 F34FailsToInstall: python3-boto3

Ah sorry; you should have given negative karma to block the autopush. I don't know why I missed the R-pillar update, but I've posted it now:

Why is the Release 0.1 instead of 1?

Why is the Release 0? This is not a prerelease.

I'm going to push the button, as it's been a week and this is holding up things that need it for building.

Oops, that was for @smani, guess the other username doesn't exist.

@sandromani, bodhi won't auto-push this after reaching the time requirement, because it got enough karma before then. You need to hit the button yourself.

This is broken.

This update has been unpushed.

Accidental submission.


As I noted on the Bugzilla, this breaks CGo somehow when testing tinygo. I downloaded this update and rebuilt tinygo in F33 mock with it and confirmed that this build is also broken.

Accidentally updated.

BZ#1887906 R-rgdal-1.5-18 is available

Dask now passes tests on ppc64le.

BZ#1878449 cblas_zdotc_sub returns incorrect results on ppc64le

libuv tests are not passing and this update is not going stable.

libomp test build is crashing: though that seems like what happened with the old clang (when using the llvm 10.0.1 that went stable separately). I think it installed the right one though.

F32 never had a Python 2 subpackage, so it doesn't need to be restored.

BZ#1858556 python2 subpackage removed in stable release