Works on Dell Inc. Inspiron 7348/0G14T4, all is good, no new errors in the kernel log, no noticeable performance changes.


The issue with Intel video on Dell Precision 7510 is resolved.


I confirm that Linux 5.9.13 fixes my issue with Dell Precision 7510. I compiled that kernel from source. It's not just GNOME X11 that is affected. GNOME on Wayland works when I login, but I get a kernel panic on reboot.


Regression on Dell Precision 7510, with Intel and nVidia video, using an internal monitor (Intel) and external monitor (nVidia). Getting flicker on internal monitor, messages in journalctl:

(WW) modeset(0): hotplug event: connector 95's link-state is BAD, tried resetting the current mode. You may be leftwith a black screen if this fails...

kernel-5.19.11-200.fc36.x86_64 is OK. GNOME on X11. Fedora 36 updated to the current updates-testing.

The update is functional. The font is selectable in GNOME Terminal and looks good. Only variable fonts are included, which is good. The font files are identical to the ones in the GitHub repository

Cannot reproduce the appointment timezone issue seen in older Evolution with libical-3.0.14-1.fc35.x86_64. Tested with Office 365, everything is good.


When creating a new appointment in Evolution, the timezone resets to Atlantic/Reykjavik. If changed manually, it's reset to Atlantic/Reykjavik again when saved. I'm using evolution-3.42.3-1.fc35.x86_64 with corporate calendar in Office 365 through evolution-ews. The whole company is in America/Los_Angeles, and that's my local timezone setting. Restoring libical and libical-glib to version 3.0.13-1.fc35 fixes the problem. The timezone has the correct default and can be edited and saved.


The Ctrl-C (copy password) have been fixed. Ctrl-B (copy username) is still broken. I assume it's an upstream problem. In any case, this package is better than the previous version 2.5.2.


I had a crash described in #1761095 before updating to this version. I did the same thing that crashed ABRT before (closing the parent window while the child window was running), no crash this time.

BZ#1761095 [abrt] libreport-gtk: g_list_foreach(): report-gtk killed by SIGABRT

No more complaints from boltd or any other software.

BZ#1758746 SELinux is preventing boltd from 'read' accesses on the lnk_file driver.

Sorry, I meant -1 of course SELinux is preventing boltd from 'getattr' accesses on the lnk_file


This build is working. I can access my data. The previous build was crashing on startup every time.

BZ#1753457 keepassxc fails to start due to segmentation fault

Sorry, I meant to use -1 :(

The icon for desktop selection in gdm is oversized. Some icons in gnome-shell are not showing, notably the terminal. The icon for restart in the gnome-shell menu is missing, its bounding box is oversized. Many other GUI defects. Downgrading to shared-mime-info-1.12-2.fc30.x86_64 resolved the issue (although xorg-x11-server crashed during the downgrade).


Tested autotype successfully with Firefox and Chromium. It doesn't work with text editors, but I think it's OK. Made a note of it on #1636596

BZ#1636596 Auto-Type does nothing
BZ#1653435 KeePassXC database takes longer to open on F29
BZ#1662305 keepassxc fails to start due to segmentation fault
BZ#1699501 keepassxc-2.4.1 is available

I had to download this manually to update gimp. The updated gimp (gimp-2:2.10.10-1.fc29.x86_64) is working, so I assume gegl04 is also OK.

A bug existed already, but "sln" was misspelled, which is why I could not find it.

It was redhat-lsb. Uninstalling it fixed the error messages. All is good now.