This update has been unpushed.

Btw., see the 'Automeated Tests' section for rpmdeplint checks.

Problem: cannot install the best update candidate for package awscli-1.16.263-2.fc31.noarch - nothing provides python3.7dist(s3transfer) >= 0.3 needed by awscli-1.17.17-1.fc31.noarch

There's actually commit from november 2019 which flipped the default for Fedora to 'dnf.conf', the cited one is just "sync" to make everything behave the same.

These updates do seem to be somewhat against the Fedora and EPEL update policies, which discourage shipping major releases with incompatible changes as updates for stable releases.

Well, mock has to adapt a lot to new environments outside from EPEL (you need to adapt epel7 mock for building e.g. fedora rawhide). What you suggest would make mock mostly unmaintainable (we would have to maintain two versions, help with this would be welcome).

But the yum.conf -> dnf.conf was probably rather cosmetic change, and should happen only in newly added configs. I realized this too late after taking over the maintenance. If you have some good proposal (fixing mock somehow so we make it compatible with both variants or so) please suggest.

Btw., the include() feature itself is pretty new thing, definitely brought by updates to el7 (maybe even epel8). I didn't know it is so widely adopted already. Sorry for inconvenience.

@xvitaly, what is with /etc/mock/templates/fedora-rawhide.tpl on your box?

@mooninite, I'm going to push this to stable as soon as possible, this turned out to be important update. I set the high karma limit because I didn't want to get this merged sooner than I test several other things.

@jjames, thanks for the note. I remember I tried the variant without file:// prefix, and that didn't seem to work for me even with old mock.... I'll try.

Ah, thanks for the wiki edit!

It was long term plan to flip the default. So we need to fix the wiki page now actually, thanks for the hint and testing.

@elxreno, thank you for the feedback, I attached new build with fix.

BZ#1758746 SELinux is preventing boltd from 'read' accesses on the lnk_file driver.

Works fine for me.

BZ#1754360 SELinux is preventing boltd from 'add_name' accesses on the directory boot_acl.