This breaks ABI by removing xmlNanoFTP* symbols. It breaks ImageMagick. You need to renable FTP support.

This update has been unpushed.

I mean it breaks hsxkpasswd both in F38 and F37.

This breaks hsxkpasswd-3.6-13.fc38 tests. See bug #2133001.


It works for my simple system (lvm without encryption). The only drawback is that initramfs grew by 4 %. It seems that it now contains vi editor (besides virtiofs hooks and cdrom udev rules, none of the hardware of that system).

The scm plugin for mock is installed now.

When building without SRPM packages, it fails with a Python traceback "Exception: Some components failed during build process. Please investigate.". mock_stdout.log reveals "Mock SCM module not installed:[...]You should install package mock-scm.". I guess module-build shoud run-require mock-scm.

perl-PDF-Builder tests pass again.

I waived the tests as they pass locally.

I retried the tests. "nothing provides needed by siril-1.0.3-4.fc37.x86_64" error looks bogus. That library is in F37 since 2022-07-25 and my local installation also pass.

A case of the conjunctions has been fixed.

It can be installed now.

Could you push this to stable? It blocks perl-Alien-PCRE2-0.016000-1.fc35.1 update.

It works for me.

It can be installed and List::UtilsBy used by Perl.

The missing changelog in non-en_US locale is fixed.


Biblatex works again.

The modulemd-add-platform tool works for me.

I probably deleted an e-mail notification.