The modulemd-add-platform tool works for me.

I probably deleted an e-mail notification.


The bug with passing a rpmlint confguration file to rpmlint tool is fixed.

This update has been unpushed.

I see. That's because texlive-biblatex does not require a specific biber version (bug #2048536). I will unpush this update from Fedora 35 and try to implement some countermeasures.

The update took longer because of recompiling the policy files because there was an accidental upgrade of pcre2 in the same RPM transaction.

I confirm that upgrading PCRE2 does not produce the "Regex version mismatch" warning any more.

I removed the older build from the older update. Though I don't believe it will help as updates should not affect build root. Only the newer build is tagged into the override.

I removed perl-Module-Install-GithubMeta because a newer build is in a separate FEDORA-EPEL-2021-269b94a4e3.


The URL value in the source package is good now.

This package upgrades a Fedora 33 release properly.

Newer builds were pushed into stable independently. This update will be withdrawn.


It cannot be installed becuase it requires "python3.9dist(cryptography) >= 3.3" (python-cryptography >= 3.3) which does not exist in Fedora 33.

I confirm the update passed through and reached my machine as expected. I will withdraw the update now.

This build breaks installing non-modular swig into an nonupdated system (bug #2004853).

CVE-2021-36770 is fixed.

CVE-2021-36770 is fixed.

The packages can be successully upgraded and the contexts with the underscores in modulemd-v2 documents pass a validation now.