An incovenience is that rpm --querytags uses an uppper case form.

I confirm this package can be installed and Data::Stream::Bulk can be used.

I confirm the failing tests pass again. However, I rescheduled gating tests because one of them were a failed state without accesible results.

This breaks perl-Gtk3-0.038-4.fc36 tests. E.g. t/zz-GtkCellLayoutIface.t segfaults.

This breaks perl-Gtk3-0.038-6.fc37 tests. E.g. t/zz-GtkCellLayoutIface.t segfaults.

This breaks perl-Gtk3-0.038-7.fc38 tests. E.g. t/zz-GtkCellLayoutIface.t segfaults.

I confirm that perl-SDL test suite does not hang anymore.

It works when building reverse dependencies.

perl-Gtk3 and perl-Cairo-GObject are already in update FEDORA-EPEL-2023-526d25e3d7 which is going stable now. I will detach the builds and bugs from here.

These packages are missing an auto-generated dependency on perl-libs because epel-rpm-macros-9-8.el9 has not yet appear in a build root. Consider rebuilding these packages.

I confirm that bind9-next-9.19.9-3.fc36 fixes the unwanted obsolete.


This replacement of bind package is not compatible. The daemon fails to start because a presence of dnssec-enable, dnssec-validation, and dnssec-lookaside trigger an error. After removing the obsolete options, the daemon fails to start with "directory /var/named is not writable" because of a SELinux denial. I do not recommend this replacement in stable Fedoras at all.

libX11-1.8.3-2.fc37 indeed fixed "sequence lost" warnings.

The bug is visible when running perl-Prima tests (dnf install perl-Prima-tests && /usr/libexec/perl-Prima/test).

This breaks ABI by removing xmlNanoFTP* symbols. It breaks ImageMagick. You need to renable FTP support.

This update has been unpushed.

I mean it breaks hsxkpasswd both in F38 and F37.

This breaks hsxkpasswd-3.6-13.fc38 tests. See bug #2133001.


It works for my simple system (lvm without encryption). The only drawback is that initramfs grew by 4 %. It seems that it now contains vi editor (besides virtiofs hooks and cdrom udev rules, none of the hardware of that system).