based on I tested this fix. Before fix applied, Noto CJK Sans Regular and Thin styles rendering same. After fix applied, there is different now between Regular and Thin rendering.

BZ#2178389 Qt application render very thin fonts after switch to VF version of Noto CJK fonts

Looks good and working container

Generally I don't submit update after Beta release of any Fedora release. There is risk of breaking rendering if new version is not well tested.

@bond anything specific you are looking from harfbuzz-7.0.0 release? Its just yesterday that it got released.

Those observing this update, It has been found that the bug reporter has not tested the actual fixed rpm and given -1 karma here. You can the discussion happening on bug 2129619

BZ#2129619 Certain vowel symbols overlap with adjacent letter when displaying Sinhala on Fedora 37

Oh there is fix already at upstream :) I actually looked for any new centpkg builds available or any PR at before commenting here.

Sorry my comment meant for Fedora 37 update. I have not checked this update on EPEL9.

centpkg broken on Fedora 37

centpkg got broken

In my analysis, binary packages using Rich module are python3-ansible-lint python3-enrich python3-hypothesis+cli python3-molecule python3-name-that-hash python3-subprocess-tee

Also checked some more packages python-pelican have "rich >=10.1" python-sphinx-theme-builder does not have hard dependency on rich module python-tqdm disabled test execution which uses rich module

Thank you @mikelo2 for taking care of that package. Let me see if any other package got broken and can be fixed by me.


Working fine. No issues creating and entering and using this toolbox image.

langpacks worked fine when I got this update on my existing F36 VM

I wish someone please report this update to be accepted as F35 Freeze Exception and tag it for F35 GA release.

With this update Chromium browser works for me

Thanks for the +1 karma


Good to see finally updated F35 toolbox. Tested it and able to enter and use it.

+1 works now

BZ#1978361 [abrt] ibus-typing-booster: module():<module>:ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'packaging'

The toolbox start fails with below messages DEBU[0000] Initializing event backend journald
DEBU[0000] configured OCI runtime runc initialization failed: no valid executable found for OCI runtime runc: invalid argument DEBU[0000] configured OCI runtime kata initialization failed: no valid executable found for OCI runtime kata: invalid argument DEBU[0000] configured OCI runtime runsc initialization failed: no valid executable found for OCI runtime runsc: invalid argument DEBU[0000] Using OCI runtime "/usr/bin/crun"
DEBU[0000] Default CNI network name podman is unchangeable INFO[0000] Setting parallel job count to 25

It is really bad for Silverblue users to have broken toolbox after upgrade. I don't understand why rhcontainerbot is used for stable releases. Let it play whatever that bot want in rawhide but please check thoroughly before pushing any update to stable releases. For podman updates really why autopush is by default enabled? It MUST be manually pushed to stable by update submitter which should be real person. I wonder what kind of testing has been done by +ve karma submitters here which all of other user's simple toolbox start test failure cannot be captured in their testing. Please don't push podman releases like this to stable. Make toolbox start test mandatory to pass podman CI.