BZ#1680961 pam_selinux - check whether undefined object classes or permissions are allowed or denied in the current policy
BZ#1813023 selinux-policy-3.14.6-7 with pam-1.3.1-24 blocks SSH logins

I don't think it's related to this update. Is it the only package you updated when this problem appeared? There were issues related to { setsched } based on some glib2 update, and creating a socket seems to be completely unrelated.

The missing dependency was added. Thanks for the report!

I'd like to push the update with notifications. Since hadn't been fixed by this, I didn't list this bug in errata.

It wasn't supposed to fix the non-yet-reported problem with dbus-broker. Please file a bug.

/usr/share/setroubleshoot/gui/style.css file is missing in setroubleshoot-3.3.12-2.fc26 and so Setroubleshoot button in sealert browser doesn't work.

/usr/share/setroubleshoot/gui/style.css file is missing in this update and so Setroubleshoot button in sealert browser doesn't work.

This update has been unpushed.

Thanks! I accidentally skipped the patch reverting it. I'll push an update asap.


Looks good.

BZ#1441879 usbguard-0.7.0 is available


BZ#1427416 -l <path> doesn't work
Test Case usbguard setup
Test Case usbguard GUI
BZ#1319242 'sepolicy gui' reports the wrong system mode status via selected radio buttons

Works for me.

BZ#1400565 selinux-policy is preventing start of virtual machines

import capng works in python3 as well as examples from

BZ#1357807 Can't use capng python3 module

zanata-cli init and zanata-cli pull works for me now. Thanks!

BZ#1355948 [abrt] zanata-client-3.8.4-1.fc24: Uncaught exception java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError in method org.zanata.client.ZanataClient.processArgs()

audisp works for me now. Thanks!