Thanks for the update. Also on Fedora 26, I am able to test containers in OpenShift.

All works properly. I am able to test containers in OpenShift by this update.

BZ#1423643 golang-github-cpuguy83-go-md2man: FTBFS in rawhide

This works fine. Tables are generated properly.

This is fixed by meta-test-family-0.7.4-3 build

All works fine and properly

All works fine.

BZ#1466844 Review Request: modtools - Utilities for creating and managing modules

I will update SPEC and build new version

New version emacs-php-mode-1.17.0-4 contains php-ext.el file

abipkgdiff tools works as designed.

Correction is already in upstream and all works fine

Yes it really works with that patch

All issues are covered by this build.

the file /usr/share/emacs/24.5/etc/NEWS exists. What the problem is?

@pnemade: Thanks for the update bug. If you start emacs normally then all works fine I guess.