Oops, actually leaving karma this time.

Works fine here, DHCP info received and no other problems noted.



LGTM in standard GNOME based Workstation.

Working great here, and looks beautiful.

BZ#1464555 package should provide Obsoletes:

Tested along with updated fedora-logos and f26-backgrounds packages, and a fresh user account, looks good here.

BZ#1441844 Need dark variant of logo

LGTM, can see the backgrounds in the GNOME chooser as expected.


BZ#1441844 Need dark variant of logo

This fixes the problem with the fedmsg-notify shell extension in GNOME. The notifier loads properly, and settings are available for modification. Thanks Aurélien!

BZ#1246859 Unable to import _fedora module

This message still appears for me, and the shell extension doesn't function when I try to turn it on:

org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Process org.fedoraproject.fedmsg.notify exited with status 1

BZ#1246859 Unable to import _fedora module
BZ#1395468 f25-backgrounds-extras-gnome should have a version requires on f25-backgrounds-extras-base
BZ#1395346 Improvements to gradient banding in F25 wallpaper

Installed and looked fine here. Nice design, too. :-)

Note that in testing, you need to use firefox --ProfileManager to set up a new profile, and use that to see the refreshed bookmarks. Default bookmarks are not altered on existing profiles.

@backes: Your test is invalid because the correct firefox package hasn't made it to the mirror you hit. I just tried here and things worked fine.

Tested on F23, looks and works great.

BZ#1321208 Review Request: julietaula-montserrat-fonts - Sans-serif typeface created by Julieta Ulanovsky

Picasa (Google Photos) and Flickr publishing worked for me. Facebook publishing did not. This seems to be -- which ironically could be addressed if upstream had these TLS verification fixes.


No regressions noted from previous kernel so far.