Actually I believe the package uninstall misordering is a RHEL5 rpm bug (which was probably fixed later by making Requires(*) = Requires;) so I am not sure there is anything I can do to avert it other than adding "|| :" to protect the ghc-pkg commands in %postun.

(Since rpm decides to remove ghc-compiler before the last ghc-*-devel package. Maybe need to use "Requires(postun)" etc?)

Unpushed stable: there is a ghc-pkg error when removing all the packages.

To update: the new builds provide shared libraries again so I am not aware of any regressions now with this update. ghc-7.0.4 has been extensively tested under EPEL6 and F17 and was the final stable release in the 7.0 series.

There is a lesser regression in that ghc was built without shared libraries which were available in the ghc-6.12.3 build. I ran into toolchain problems with building the shared libraries but may investigate more. Not sure if people are making use of ghc shared libraries with EPEL5 - they are not used by default of course.

Tested and diffed rebuilds of alex, cpphs, ghc-html, ghc-deepseq, xmonad, and ghc-terminfo

new build seems to work fine for me - have not tested the CVE...

Fixes the Java focus. Updating works okay for me and basic functionality seems fine.

ignore my last comment about BinLib

Fixes ghc-PKG library dir ownership for Lib packages (but not BinLib I realised)!