installs fine for me now and seems to run

Does taskotron test multilib installation? See describing (new?) multilib conflict between llvm-devel packages with 3.5

This looks fine to me: tested rebuilding cpphs, cabal-rpm, ghc-zlib and ghc-X11. (Something has changed in F21 though since the mass rebuilds, causing the ABI hash of library to change.)

I built ShellCheck-0.3.4-1.fc22 now...

basic testing seems okay

This looks okay to me now. ghc.attr seems to be working correctly. -O2 is not no longer used and chrpath macro seems to be working.

It is true that leksah-server- > leksah-server- but this will be fixed soon-ish when we move Rawhide to ghc-7.8

This seems to drop the ABI hash requires from Bin executable packages. Guess a rule is needed in ghc.attr for /usr/bin/* too.

I tested rebuilding the gtk2hs stacks with this on x86_64 and aarch64!

I think this only affects ARM.

Thanks for updating so quickly. Unfortunately you need to rebuild hgettext and bustle too against this version.

Seems okay - cblrpm doesn't support RHEL5 rpm packaging yet though.