Thanks @pmkovar I am fixing those in the 2.1.0 build.

I also opened to address the rpmlint errors about #!/usr/bin/env non-executable.

Apologies for not at least trying to install the build... actually quite a lot of work just to get it to build... :) new build should fix the problems (and revert to python2 for F25) since python3-Levenshtein is recommended and missing in f25.

This now seems to allow upgrading from all F24 Haskell packages to F25.

Tested with: sudo dnf update $(pkgdb-cli list --nameonly --user haskell-sig --branch f24 | grep -v emacs) --releasever 25 --enablerepo=updates-testing

(they are both x86_64 only unfortunately)

In addition to Agda (already fixed) unfortunately happstack-server also has broken deps - unfortunately both were built with the old xhtml whose hash changed apparently, due to deps mis-ordering.

This looks good to me togther with the Agda and ghc-gtk3 updates.

This update has been unpushed.

I think I can make %ghc_lib_subpackage support the older "name version" args used in older ghc.spec and haskell-platform.spec files to avoid breaking backward compatibility.

I fixed the desktop file warnings in pkg git master.

I filed #1383608 for the empty darcs manpage issue.

This update has been unpushed.

Seems okay to me in basic testing

This update has been unpushed.

Looks okay to me from build testing.

BZ#1184508 cabal-tweak-flag: "CABALFILE does have flag"

I am afraid your NVR versioning scheme is broken:

sox-14.4.2-4.fc23 < sox-14.4.2rc2-1.fc22

Yes please push this: in fact this should have been pushed before F22.