Moved obsoletes to ghc-rpm-macros (ghc-obsoletes) so as not to pull in the whole of Haskell Platform.

for i in $(file /usr/bin/*|grep "shell script" | sed -e "s/:.*//"); do echo $i ; shellcheck $i ;done

Tested on ubi7 with:

for i in $(file /usr/bin/|grep "shell script" | sed -e "s/:.//"); do echo $i ; shellcheck $i ;done

I think I will leave the pre-releases in testing, and wait for the final release of 8.8.1 before pushing to the stable updates repo.

If you mean installing this before upgrading, that should work.


This looks good to be and fixes the Hangul problem for me, thanks

BZ#1688082 [ko] Hangul input does not commit in Terminal, Firefox urlbar, Libreoffice

This works but should really require ghc-compiler and cabal-install (now fixed in Rawhide).

Relative to ghc-rpm-macros-1.6.52-1.fc27 this just reverts libsubdir to use pkgkey again for hashed dirs. Otherwise libHS*.so ended up in the old hashed dir anyway.

I should have tested earlier: this seems to put library .so and .a files in separate directories...

ghc-hakyll is not actually built for epel7 - so we don't need to worry about that.

Right, I will take care of it and add the packages here

LGTM with sudo dnf update --releasever=28 ghc\* --enablerepo=updates-testing

This update is missing ghc-cmark ;-( hence "/usr" is appearing in RPATHS... sigh

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

I found one bug (though it is not epel7 specific): cblrpm refresh fails for unversioned spec files due to 0.9.11 being cblrpm not cabal-rpm - just fixed in github.