Okay thanks for catching this.

I suppose I could rebuild the 5 packages...

This update has been unpushed.


LGTM so far

BZ#1767937 strip:testprog[]: corrupt GNU build attribute note: wrong note type: bad value

LGTM so far.

BZ#1756980 Should use crun, not runc on Fedora 31 and onwards

So new toolboxes work okay with this provided one uses toolbox-0.0.15. But old toolboxes will no longer run.

I think it is better to disable all autopush for this update.

(podman-1.6.0-4.fc31 dumped core for me until I removed ~/.config/containers/)

podman-1.6.0-4.fc31 dump core for me.

Okay I need to unset NOTIFY_SOCKET,

I am unable to run fedora:latest without sudo.

I can overlay this one on Silverblue

This build should have the correct new LANG=C.UTF-8 container system locale.

I whitelisted the rpmlint error.

The ElfChecks issue was reported upstream and fixed recently in the upstream haskell/process library.

I note that glibc-langpack-en was removed from fedora:30

Currently no obsoletes for ghc-conduit-combinators binary package exists

ugh, "... in the stable registry already"

Seems this is actually the stable registry already