ALC4080 is USB based sound card. Those motherboards usually do not have any codecs attached to the HDA PCI sound card. The above lines are correct. Create a bug with the description of your issue.

The HDMI issue should be fixed in alsa-lib- Thank you for the feedback.

The 2nd release should fix the xz compression issue. Thank you all for the feedback.

@oprizal : Assign those bugs to me or add Cc: to me. Thanks.

Please, create a new bug, attach --no-upload output there and alsaucm -c hw:0 dump text output. Thank you.

I'm building new packages to fix the dependency requirement. But you can install the alsa-ucm-conf rpm using '--force' (directly for rpm tool - rpm -Uvh --force alsa-ucm-conf-*.rpm for a quick feedback (don't set karma until new package is released) .

I was already working on it. Please, test packages and give karma here to push it to stable ASAP. Thank you.

Does the change in work for you (you'll find the file in /usr/share/alsa/ucm2)?

The pipewire falls back to the legacy device probe, so you may see the kernel problem with the use (but it would be better to report it anyway - kernel driver should not Oops). You may just disable ucm to give a test for 1.2.5 - I guess, that the kernel Oops may be similar.

Please, it's not fault of the user space. It's a kernel driver issue. Report this to bugzilla in the kernel component.

This update has been unpushed.

Works on Lenovo Carbon X1 7th...

This update has been unpushed.