BZ#1288599 xournal has obsolete BR: libgnomeprintui22-devel
BZ#1290082 trojita-0.5-6 failed in epel7
BZ#1255788 FTBFS with qbittorrent on ppc64le "Could not find a version of the library!"
BZ#1252961 qBittorrent fails to build on ppc64le

No idea how it's happened but the el7 build has no binary rpms, whether noarch or arch specific, just a src.rpm

Looks good on PPC64LE

BZ#1285361 PackageKit-Qt-0.8.9-2 does not build against PackageKit-1.0.7-5 in RHEL7.2
BZ#1289004 epel7 qt5-qtconfiguration fails to rebuild