Works fine on a RPi 2/3, x86_64 Carbon X1 Gen3, and a number of other ARM devices

BZ#1497861 Kernel module peaq_wmi nul bombing the console

Looks fine on a number of devices

BZ#1474553 mesa-17.2.2 is available

Looks fine on a number of devices

BZ#1474553 mesa-17.2.2 is available

LGTM for a few devices


Tested on mustang, works

BZ#1497854 upgrade F26 - F27 fails on reboot due to missing shim.efi


This replaced urw-fonts and changed the look of all my text based consoles in the middle of a STABLE release. This is NOT what I would expect to happen.

BZ#1458840 Review Request: urw-base35-fonts - Level 2 Core Font Set for Ghostscript

Fixes rhbz 1494138 on RPi (2 and 3) , tested on Jetson TK1, Orange Pi PC, x86_64 VM, mustang, Hummingboard and BBone Black

BZ#1431375 Yoga 900 touchpad fails to resume
BZ#1493436 kernel: NULL pointer dereference due to KEYCTL_READ on negative key [fedora-all]
BZ#1493435 kernel: NULL pointer dereference due to KEYCTL_READ on negative key

Tested on an x86_64 VM and physical aarch64 devices

BZ#1489604 AArch64 installations fail to boot using shimaa64.efi - 'Error reported: Unsupported'

Tested on both aarch64 and x86_64

BZ#1491045 AArch64 install fails with 'The package 'grub2' is required for this installation.'

Seems OK on the Jetson TK1 and Raspberry Pi 3 on both ARMv7 and aarch64

BZ#1458017 pycairo-1.15.2 is available
BZ#1490072 Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. #0 0x00007f16279aa68f in _cogl_boxed_value_set_x () from /usr/lib64/mutter/

Works on numerous ARMv7 and aarch64 devices and my x86-64 Carbon X1 G3

This regresses on dependencies by pulling in a bunch of python2 dependencies where previously on Workstation it only required python3

Seems fine on a cloud instance

tested and works fine on aarch64 (RPi3, mustang, Pine64+) and ARMv7 (Hummingboard, BBone Wireless, Jetson TK1, OrangePi PC, Raspberry Pi2, Raspberry Pi3, CubieTruck)


Pulls in a bunch of extra dependencies:

Dependencies resolved.

Package Arch Version Repository Size

Upgrading: gdb armv7hl 8.0-20.fc26 updates-testing 282 k gdb-headless armv7hl 8.0-20.fc26 updates-testing 2.8 M Installing dependencies: binutils armv7hl 2.27-24.fc26 updates-testing 5.6 M cpp armv7hl 7.1.1-3.fc26 updates-testing 7.2 M gcc armv7hl 7.1.1-3.fc26 updates-testing 16 M glibc-devel armv7hl 2.25-7.fc26 updates 964 k glibc-headers armv7hl 2.25-7.fc26 updates 497 k isl armv7hl 0.16.1-1.fc26 fedora 647 k kernel-headers armv7hl 4.11.11-300.fc26 updates 1.1 M libasan armv7hl 7.1.1-3.fc26 updates-testing 339 k libatomic armv7hl 7.1.1-3.fc26 updates-testing 31 k libubsan armv7hl 7.1.1-3.fc26 updates-testing 132 k Installing weak dependencies: gcc-gdb-plugin armv7hl 7.1.1-3.fc26 updates-testing 107 k

Transaction Summary

Install 11 Packages Upgrade 2 Packages

Total download size: 36 M


The root cmake package now for some reason now depends on QT5? Likely should be a dependency of the gui subpackage


Much better, thanks!

BZ#1465657 brltty base package adds a dependency on python2

Looks good on OrangePi PC and Jetson TK1

updates-testing disabled, meta data expiry looks correct. Tested on x86_64, armhfp and aarch64 architectures

BZ#1466675 updates-testing is still enabled
BZ#1466908 Fedora 26 Final build of fedora-release needed