containernetworking-plugins-0.7.3-2.fc29 should be added to this update

Problem: cannot install the best update candidate for package podman-1:0.8.4-1.git9f9b8cf.fc29.aarch64 - nothing provides containernetworking-plugins >= 0.7.3-2 needed by podman-1:0.9.1-3.gitaba58d1.fc29.aarch64

BZ#1593419 no network access in containers when doing 'podman run' on F28AH

Seems fine on a Carbon X1 gen 3 and a RPi3

BZ#1623471 Spurious connection errors: "Server did not return a valid TLS certificate"
BZ#1625572 Gnome initial setup runs twice when installing from a Live ISO

Works fine in my testing on x86 laptop and RPi3

BZ#1575328 Xorg crashes after latest mesa update

So it works fine on my aarch64 mustang, pine64 and Raspberry Pi3/3B+.

It fails on my Intel based UPĀ² board and i end up with just a grub prompt.

BZ#1572126 allocation errors with secureboot grub version
BZ#1615969 AArch64 - Error when booting "error: out of memory."

Looks go to me, it detects the tianocore firmware and configures as I would expect.

BZ#1613996 RFE: support UEFI for armv7l

Working fine in rawhide and on F-29 IoT. Fixes aarch64 issue

BZ#1544962 AArch64 EFI systems default to MBR rather than GPT partitioning
Test Case Anaconda help

Looks fine on aarch64


So this fixes an issues I've seen serving content from Fedora 29 -> F-29 clients. This fixes things working in firefox and yum repos hosted on F-29 https.

BZ#1619389 mod_ssl does not work with TLS 1.3-enabled openssl
Test Case HTTPd

Works on aarch64 on mustang

BZ#1572126 allocation errors with secureboot grub version
BZ#1615969 AArch64 - Error when booting "error: out of memory."

This has regressed connecting to some wifi networks that previously worked fine. I think it might be just 5Ghz but it's hard to tell.

LGTM across a number of devices/usecases

Haven't seen a shell crash since! \o/ thanks


Seems fine with basic tests


LGTM on IoT compose

Seems fine


New build fixes the dependency issues, thanks!


Pulls in the znc-modperl by default, it should be optional (the rpm package description should also be more descriptive as to what functionality it provides ass "perl module for ZNC" could be worked out from the package naming alone):

Dependencies resolved.

Package Arch Version Repository Size

Upgrading: znc x86_64 1.7.0-1.fc28 updates-testing 3.4 M Installing dependencies: perl-Carp noarch 1.42-396.fc28 updates 29 k perl-Errno x86_64 1.28-410.fc28 updates 73 k perl-Exporter noarch 5.72-396.fc28 fedora 33 k perl-File-Path noarch 2.15-2.fc28 fedora 37 k perl-IO x86_64 1.38-410.fc28 updates 139 k perl-PathTools x86_64 3.74-1.fc28 fedora 89 k perl-Scalar-List-Utils x86_64 3:1.49-2.fc28 fedora 67 k perl-Socket x86_64 4:2.027-2.fc28 fedora 58 k perl-Text-Tabs+Wrap noarch 2013.0523-395.fc28 fedora 23 k perl-Unicode-Normalize x86_64 1.25-396.fc28 fedora 81 k perl-constant noarch 1.33-396.fc28 fedora 24 k perl-interpreter x86_64 4:5.26.2-410.fc28 updates 6.3 M perl-libs x86_64 4:5.26.2-410.fc28 updates 1.6 M perl-macros x86_64 4:5.26.2-410.fc28 updates 69 k perl-parent noarch 1:0.236-395.fc28 fedora 19 k perl-threads x86_64 1:2.21-2.fc28 fedora 60 k perl-threads-shared x86_64 1.58-2.fc28 fedora 46 k tcl x86_64 1:8.6.8-1.fc28 updates-testing 1.1 M znc-modperl x86_64 1.7.0-1.fc28 updates-testing 772 k

Transaction Summary

Install 19 Packages Upgrade 1 Package

Total download size: 14 M


Yes, I'm seeing the same crash as @decathorpe but when doing a "fedpkg prep" so I have no idea what testing the others did before giving it karma but it's broken


Build 5 looks good to me! Thanks!