Confirmed working well together with xrootd-scitokens on CentOS 7.

Confirmed working well together with xrootd-scitokens on Rocky 8.


I tested this on CentOS 8 and it fixes all observed issues caused by undefined behaviour with the asserts used during build fortification on EL8. Thanks!


Tested both container building and runtime, works fine :-).

BZ#1872838 singularity-3.6.2 is available

@dwd Many thanks, that's quite a load of issues I did indeed miss in our environment! Then of course waiting for 3.5.1 seems like the best way to go. Thanks!

Can you comment on which kind of issues? Is it "only" (which indeed is a really bad one)?

I was hoping for 3.5.0 to reach stable since it fixes both: which made us skip 3.4 for build at least, but I agree that 4768 should block things from stabilization, too.

In case 4768 has a straightforward patch, it would be nice to see a 3.5.0 with this patch included (after so many broken versions have been released by upstream in a row).

Thanks for the hard testing work!

Am I correct that, since "Autopush (time)" is on, this will be pushed to stable tomorrow?


This issue also affects our site-local usage, where users are only given a temporary job working directory inside the container and not an actual home directory.


Container build and exec functionality tested successfully on CentOS 7.6.

BZ#1696499 singularity-3.2.1-rc1 is available