Working well here.

BZ#1844612 virtualbox-guest-additions-6.1.10 is available

Launch icon doesn't show up in the menu system.

Fixes bug #1794889 for me.

Breaks icon size settings. Previous version 20200408 works fine.

This is working well for me now.

BZ#1794889 dash to dock broken in Rawhide (f32)

Geany is working well for me on RHEL 8, CentOS 8 and CentOS Stream.

BZ#1754361 Request for Geany IDE for EPEL8
BZ#1820110 [RFE] : geany : epel8 build request

Working for me in Rawhide.

Working on the fc32 beta stream for me.

BZ#1820396 gnome-tweaks cannot open extension dialog preferences

I am still experiencing BZ#1795083 with this version.

BZ#1795083 The frama-c and frama-c-gui programs abort on startup in Rawhide (f32)

This looks fixed.

BZ#1650875 Selecting Settings->Scripting causes instant crash to desktop

Looks fine. There is an easy workaround for #1523082 anyway.

Works here.