BZ#1439701 mozilla-https-everywhere-5.2.14 is available

The bug does not exist on Windows. It does exist on a fresh profile in SeaMonkey on Fedora 22. Can you check for me whether it works properly in Firefox with a fresh profile?

bugzilla link:

It got auto-pushed to stable, and I'm not going to bother trying to replace it. Because it at least does its job now. I don't think it a good idea to try to replace a partially-functioning build with a non-functioning one while working on a fully-functioning build.

Regarding your bug, I can reproduce the behavior. However, I am able to fix it via about:config.

... You're right. I wonder what the problem is. The build process on our end hasn't changed in the least: unzip, get a directory listing, shove everything in the list into place. I wonder if it's the new AMO signature. It shouldn't be, but...

Apparent regression. spellcheck no longer works.


works fine.

Works fine here, more or less. There have been some upstream bug reports, though.

works fine for me, the packager.

Works fine here.

looks fine here

Works exactly as expected.