Thanks for the unblocking. I’ll post a status update to -devel when it hits stable

As requested, FESCO examined the situation today

  • FPC approval is sufficient in this case. (contyk, 16:54:25)
  • No explicit approval needed for backwards compatible changes Close the ticket. (contyk, 16:59:56)

Please un-block the update

@pwalter: anterior fonts packaging macros are grandfathered in this package, and the rest is technically identical, so existing specs will continue to build as-is. It does not change existing state

OTOH, if the package is not pushed to FC31, we’ll have guidelines that can not apply to all stable releases, and packagers won’t be able to backport easily new fonts packages to F31.

Guidelines took ~2 years to write and they replace a 10-years old version that no longer work and is in a broken state due to a botched wiki → asciidoc conversion

Same code as in F32 and F33