Rdieter thank you so much for fixing bugs faster, then one can found them :) Working nicely for me, have tested with several applications (qupzilla, nextcloud-client, kontact)

Tested under two different users. works for me!

BZ#1434870 plasma closed UNexpectedly during logout

Works for me

After one day of testing no regressions noticed

airlied: thx for your effort! Works for me.

BZ#1425598 Bump clang to 3.9.1

Can you also include a qt-creator in your build? In current version it breaks qt-creator.

Error: package qt-creator-4.1.0-2.fc25.1.x86_64 requires, but none of the providers can be installed


works for me

works for me

After more than a day of usage no regressions was noticed. Works for me.

Works nicely. Thx!

Works nicely. Thx!

Works nicely. Thx!




are missing


Works for me so far.

Generally functions normally. Bug report that you have marked as related can not be accessed! Only one issue was noticed, application icon is not set at the application menu entry, but shown correctly at the task bar.

After reinstall of this update everything looks good again. So for now +1.

Have downgraded plasma (to 5.8.1) today because I have got over and over again: * /usr/bin/ksmserver eating 100% of one of cpu cores. * impossible to start any programm from krunner or from application launcher

It is kind of strange, this problem occures not always.

Strangly after update + restart + login I have got /usr/bin/ksmserver eating 100% of one cpu core.and it was impossible to start any programm from krunner/oder applauncher. But than after the second reboot and relogin everything works great. So I am tending to voute +1

Do not use Nvidia Luke.

"NVidia proprietary display drivers 340.96, 370.28" -> Can it be the root of your problem?