You just need to wait for the next compose. You can see the composes here Right now latest compose for EPEL8 updates is Which was done on 2022-07-25 00:21:59 i.e. shortly before this update was pushed to stable. So you need to wait for the next compose. It may take a day or two.




this should not be part of F31

Yeah, the script to update default.cfg is broken until CentOS 8 will be released. But the transaction completes anyway. I am going to override this and push it to stable despite this warning.

@atim did you get entitlements using subscription-manager first?

@lslebod it seems you are missing python3 package, which is in the base system. Are you sure you have your system subscribed?


BZ#1620370 new version python-wtforms 2.2.1

This update has been unpushed.

As F27 has been eoled. I am going to unpush this one.

@pbrobinson python2-abrt python2-abrt-addon are now weak deps (Recommends) That is because F28 still contains python2 so those packages are useful. You can either set weak_deps to 0 to do: dnf install abrt -x python2-abrt -x python2-abrt-addon and you will have only python3 installation.

??? I completly do not get what you are trying to say? Sorry. Can you comment rathe on the BZ?


works for me

Maybe you can add a Requires on dnf-utils ?

I added it as weak deps. It will be in next release.

User Icon msuchy commented & provided feedback on mock-1.4.2-1.el7 6 years ago

@anonymous can you update BZ or issue about it. There is condition in code which should not use -a on RHEL/CentOS, so I'm really courious how you get this error. But this is not best place for such discussion.