No regressions noted.

BZ#1444818 Update Emacs to 25.2

Ok so problem is not release from github but the fact that I changed %prep to use %autosetup -S git_am. So unpacked sources are put into git repo first and then patches are applied via git-am. mtr build system will then put git hash to version string. This is undesirable.

As a quick fix I will use %setup + %autopatch instead.

Ok, I screwed up. I released update build from github release instead of from dist tarball. I will rebuild and edit this update.

Good catch. I didn't realize that lz4 breakage propagated all the way down to F24.

I will issue new update ASAP.

@yuwata This update is not addressing bug you mentioned in your comment.

How did you perform the diff test? I verified that patch 0016-Do-bounds-checking-when-unescaping-PPP.patch is applied.

AutoQA results don't make much sense to me. Depcheck passed for the first time and then it somehow failed after push to updates-testing. Anyway, I installed i686 F21 VM and libpcap and libpcap-devel updated just fine.