This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

Thanks for finding that out!

Known issue:

However I'm looking forward to push it with this issue and resolve the replication later.

Known issue:

However I'm looking forward to push it with this issue and resolve the replication later.

I disabled autopush due to bug:

This update won't reach stable upon the bug is fixed.

This update has been unpushed.

Reported as #1663478. Fix is on the way

@muench You are correct. It has been already fixed in 10.2:15, but I added it to this release. One of the reasons is, that even the upstream marked it fixed some time after release. (Maybe fixed it not knowing it was a CVE, marking it later)

I thought it would be good move to mention it atleast now, when I couldn't (or forgot to) do it with older release. Is that OK? Would you like me to change the formating somehow?

Thanks for the feedback @anonymous.

I filed a bug for that: #1563282, so I'd remember to fix that for the next version.

This update has been unpushed.

Thanks @gabrielo.

That is caused by an issue inside the ldconfig scriptlets change.

A new mariadb build is onthe way.

Alright :)

Pushing to testing again.

Can't reproduce your issue on my test machine.


/run in tmpfs is now standard an I do have it too

[root@test-machine tmp]# df -h /run

Souborový systém Velikost Užito Volno Uži% Připojeno do

tmpfs 999M 556K 998M 1% /run


Can you please check, that your /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/mariadb.conf file has been properly updated to:

d /run/mariadb 0755 mysql mysql -

d /run/mariadb 0755 mysql mysql -


Yes, the problem is clearly that TokuDB subpackage is not provided in the 10.2.12.

It suffered with heavy issues that either lead to FTBFS, testsuite freeze or >500 tests failures. (none should fail) Beacuse of that state, I decided to provide 10.2.12 update without TokuDB subpackage.

Which clearly wasn't correct, as I see now.

I'm glad that the -1 karma treshold filtered this issue so quickly :)

@amessina Yes, a new version of packages will be needed. There are several big issues connected together.

Currently I'm working on it and my plan is following: 1) begin provides of the static mysql client library by "community-mysql" package (because "mysql-connector-odbc" can´t be linked dynamically in newer versions) 2) begin building of "mysql-connector-odbc" against "community-mysql" again (because needed mariadb source codes aren't available in newer version - and that's why the "mysql-connector-odbc" wasn't updated so long) 3) build "mysql-connector-odbc" against that static library (that will both make the package working again and enable the update for MariaDB that dropped the dynamic library)

And I'll see, if I'll push this update to stable. Probabbly not, because of @anonymous issue. However MariaDB 10.2.11 is already packed and built for 27 and Rawhide, so maybe I'll override this update by the newer one.

Maintainer note: This update won't be pushed to stable until fixed: as "amessina" comment says - it could potentialy break update.