Fixes the NVIDIA / X11 delayed refresh issue seen most prevalent with Terminal. Thanks.

@calixtus the wordpad app still exists, but you need to specify the full path now.

$ wine /usr/lib64/wine/x86_64-windows/wordpad.exe

BZ#2209211 rb_libtorrent-2.0.9 is available

Fixes BZ 2187831 on Xorg. Thanks.

BZ#2187831 [regression] Window title bar mouse clicks are ignored

Works with Jellyfin.


System is still functional after a reboot. It would be nice to see bug 2083900 fixed at some point.

Wine builds a majority of itself as Windows PE binaries (.dll) and not as Linux ELF binaries ( These .dll binaries depend on other .dll binaries from Fedora (mingw32/mingw64 packages).


Seems to fix the va-drivers issue. Thank you.

BZ#2161338 mesa: switch va-drivers to Recommends + Conflicts < evr

@omajid any reason why the lttng test is failing? I'd like to get this update out ASAP.

Thanks! There was a typo in the version number for removing the openal package. The -2 package has the fix.

Works with Jellyfin.

Works with Jellyfin.

Someone please put a +1 on this so it can go to stable.

Works with deluge.

BZ#2137560 rb_libtorrent-2.0.8 is available

Version 6.0.10 came out October 11th. Fixes CVE-2022-41032.

Works with Jellyfin.

BZ#2129946 Remove kodi service files as per upstream commit

Please file a bug upstream. This is not a proper bug tracking system.

@radical I suggest to try a fresh WINEPREFIX. If that doesn't help please file a bug upstream against wine-staging. Thanks.

I am unable to reproduce an error with wordpad. It runs here. Please try a fresh WINEPREFIX.

$ WINEPREFIX=~/fresh wine /usr/lib64/wine/x86_64-windows/wordpad.exe