Sorry,keyboard layout bug present in thunderbird too. Rather an xkeyboard-config bug.


Works great in firefox-wayland,webgl works and if a webgl demo crashes,only tab is broken. In firefox-xwayland,webgl initialization fails and start a webgl demo breaks firefox and totaly freezes the machine (like before). On xwayland,the keyboard layout isn't detected (set to qwerty for french language).

Other little bug on wayland,interface of embeded (html5) videos flashes.


Works, on Xwayland. On Wayland,there is a random interface bug. The interface freezes in part and forces to restart firefox. (I can navigate in menu but icons don't respond,cursor keeps bad style,exit button works)


thanks,works and resolves language bug.

@dirkk Yes I understand but my response was for ibims (first post) "Can't change this anywhere." and to say that it does not come from a no installed or disabled language pack. Stransky is already compiling an update.

@ibims @stransky langpacks installed,os locale detected but not used,default language set to en-US. Try add "intl.locale.requested" "de" waiting for a solution.

oops, add "intl.locale.requested" "fr" (or "de")


WFM except language problem. You can change that : "add intl.locale.requested" "fr" for example in about:config


Work great in gnome, nss-33 is in testing. On the other hand,I can't use noscript. (extensions.legacy.enabled=true) please,can you put firefox-wayland too,Mr Stransky?

BZ#1500234 [CSD] Let's include CSD patch from mozbz#1399611 at Firefox 57
Test Case firefox media
Test Case firefox browse