Tested the following servers / session types: SLES 12 & IceWM RHEL 7.4 & KDE RHEL 7.4 * Published Applications

Note, I revoked it because although the NEWS file does not state it, the appdata file states that 0.9.x are development releases.


Much appreciated!

Did some basic testing at my work's environment.

I haven't tested it very much myself, but Zach Davis has successfully.

worksforme (TM)

I did some basic testing successfully on both local and X2Go (MATE session).

BZ#1136370 Please build an EPEL7 version of nedit

Resizing images works.

Rotating images does not work. However, it does not work on F23 either.

No regressions for my Wi-Fi WPA setup.

I reported this as a bug to libssh and submitted a patch to them:


This update breaks x2goclient when audio is enabled for an x2goclient session: x2goclient: symbol lookup error: x2goclient: undefined symbol: ssh_forward_listen